Tipplers’ Tavern

Some come with workmates, thirsty and loud.

Some bring their nightjars to churr with the crowd.

Some stare at their laptops, some at the clock.

Some sit in silence.  Some talk, sip, and talk.

Some get a buzz on.  Some spread a few lies.

Some smile at their bevvies.  Some frown at their fries.

Some poke at their gadgets. Some stare at the wall.

Some look like they’re seasick when it’s close to last call.

Frank William Finney is a New England poet whose work has appeared widely in print and online in publications such as  The Daily Drunk, Light, Noctivagant, Poor Yorick, and Workers Write!  He is a former lecturer in literature at Thammasat University in Thailand where he taught for twenty-five years.  His collection The Folding of the Wings is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.

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