I take:

Pills to not hate myself Pills to settle the trembles Pills to wake up in the morning Pills to bring me ice cream Pills to work make money get rich Pills to write Pills to do whatever this is Pills to do whatever that is Pills to cover cracked, peeling skin Pills to sop up the blood Pills to I hope this isn’t a poem Pills to feel close to you Pills to feel further away from you Pills and Double Pills if the government tells me to Pills to revenge Pills to feel the appropriate amount Pills to when I was young it was too much Pills to now it’s too little Pills to read Leaves of Grass which is God Pills to go to the woods with my daughter whose made a list of things for us to do Pills to jump the creek Pills to sit and relax on a log Pills to explore fairy forest Pills to write this Pills to not edit this or that or anything ever Pills to post this somewhere somehow wanting to send my Pills to out into the world, pumping my cum into the void.

My name is Derek Maine and you can find me talking shit on Twitter @deremainelives

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