sad horse music

Praise for sad horse music

“Hi I love this!”
–Raphael Bob-Waksberg, on Sonnet for Bojack Horseman, creator of Bojack Horseman 

“Samantha Fain’s chapbook is an exploratory journey through discordant thoughts, complex relationships and the questions we can’t hold in. It’s alive with jarring images and fragments of emotions shoehorned in together, which creates a fascinating series of poems.”

–Nikki Dudley & Trini Decombe, streetcake editors

“The wonder of Samantha Fain’s sad horse music is how it makes the unbelievable, believable. Whether writing a sonnet in the persona of BoJack Horseman, painting portraitures of Sarah Lynn as various locations, or comparing churro dust to ashes, Fain convinces you by the end of each poem that this character, this moment, is the most important thing in the world.  These poems take a whacky, beautiful animated show and create from it a treatise on the complications of redemption. When she writes ‘‘Better’ was never the right word, / because it implied you could be good,’ we know the poet is speaking to that piece of BoJack inside us all which believes just that. When she writes, ‘So much of us is lost to the dark,’ you’ll want to follow her in.”

–Jarrett Moseley, Editor in chief of Non.Plus Lit

SAMANTHA FAIN is an MFA candidate at Bowling Green State University. Her
first chapbook, “Coughing Up Planets,” debuted with Vegetarian Alcoholic Press this
March, and her microchap “sad horse music” debuts with The Daily Drunk this May. Her
work has appeared in The Indianapolis Review, SWWIM, 8 Poems, and others. She tweets at

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