Six Versions of a Hot Internet Profile

Son-of-a-bitch lazy bastard, first;

misunderstood anti-hero putting his life

together despite daily setbacks, second;

 undiscovered artist with/or without addictions,

whichever you think is more dashing, third;

ex-flyer, with a fencing scar and delusions

of grandeur who used to start fires when

left alone at home as a young boy, fourth;

  military hero suffering amnesia that his billionaire

family’s ignorant of and fact that he’s working two

  blocks away at an engineering societies library 

as a part-time clerk reshelving periodicals, fifth;

all of these, plus he loves noodles & comic books,


Gene Goldfarb is a writer and poet living on Long Island in New York. Besides writing, his passions are traveling, movies, and reading. His poetry has appeared in Black Fox, SLANT, COG, Green Briar, Quiddity and elsewhere.

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