I’m starting a rumor

about the baby

             that ain’t yet


a rumor   to come

back and bite me in my   ugly ass a**,

I’m gonna tell


         this much—

here I am,

     revealing the bait,

the hook    I’m dangling

in front of you,


     trap, that’s

gonna net me some healthy elbow grease,

some healthy stitches   in my side.

The news   I’m spreading

     to the extended family,

whom I will name,

     the Jenny Keefers of this town.I wouldn’t advise telling them, about this.

Tyler Dempsey is the author of a book of poems called, Newspaper Drumsticks. His work appears in Schuylkill Valley Journal, Bear Creek Gazette, Rejection Letters, and the like. He’s a fiction reader at X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine. Find him on Twitter @tylercdempsey.

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