If we were siblings,
I’d sneak into your bedroom, and
We would dream together
Until sunrise.

Then, we could
Pick yarrow from fields –
Acres wide, where
No one else is looking

For a sunshine-filled day, and
Quiet time shared between
Two so-alike souls.
But, you have

Four legs instead of two, and
You might be inclined to
Pee on the yarrow,

Samantha Terrell is an internationally-published American poet. Educated in Sociology, her work emphasizes social justice and emotional integrity. Her poetry has been published in a variety of chapbooks and journals, including: Algebra of Owls, Dissident Voice, Dove Tales by Writing for Peace, the Ebola chapbook by West Chester University (PA), Knot Magazine, Lucky Jefferson, Peeking Cat Poetry, Poetry Quarterly and others. Samantha and her family reside in Upstate New York.

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