My baby just cares for me and some other idiot stuff

My baby don’t care for for body horror

except maybe for vagina teeth

My baby probably cares for those



My baby don’t care for

man-buns, people.

My baby don’t care for

retro laces

Liz Taylor is totally his type

open-mouthed kisses

sneering, closed-lip smiles

Are things he can really


My baby don’t care who knows

My baby just cares for me (and possibly the things mentioned above)

Syreeta Muir likes frogs, writing and taking pictures of weird, sad stuff. Work in TL;DR Press’s Women’s Anthology, The Ampersand Project, The Passage Between and The Horror Tree: Trembling With Fear. Photos in Barren Magazine. Find her on Twitter as @hungryghostpoet…if you want, no pressure.

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