A Red, Red Pokeball

Pokémon Go Trainer Code: 6763 2359 6059

My love is like a red, red pokeball
That’s newly spun in July
My love is like the lure module
That’s sweetly played while the kids lark

So fair are you, my buddy Tepig
So deep in bud am I
And I’ll love still, my sweet
Even when you’re fully evolved

Till you’re fully evolved, my sweet
And the Team Rocket balloons are melted
I will love you, my sweet
while Exeggcutor holds down the gym

And fare thee well, my number one!
As I transfer you to gain one candy!
I will come again, my sweet
Spin this Pokestop ten thousand times.

Scott Cumming never considered himself to be a writer until recently, but turns out he has some stuff to say. He has been published at The Daily Drunk, Punk Noir Magazine, Versification, and Shotgun Honey. His debut poetry chapbook is due for release in December. Host of the Modus Operandi: Flash Fiction podcast and runs Waxing Poetic, a YouTube channel devoted to the best recent poetry from around the net.

Twitter: @tummidge Website: scottcummingwriter.wordpress.com

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