Three Poems By Brian J. Alvarado

future sight

traded away with 

haste and rare candies

to bring you growth

returned with two toes 

towards the future 

a third facing the past

a pair of spoons 

bent without thumbs 

against their will 

and a head heavy with 

5,000 wisdoms kept afloat

with wishful nostalgia

will you still be my medium

when you see what

i will become,

or will you trade me too,

teleporting with a single 

utterance of your own name?


hollow not,

you are much more 

than a mindless lunk

a rolling megaton that

defies age and inertia

shedding your moss

like a callous villain 

or liberated victim,

but unable to tumble  

the world from your back

your self-destruction

will not return you 

to mud and dust

the real work waits in
shifting your own plates


chop me

choke me

be my champ

Brian is a Puerto-Haitian Bronxite writer and occasional opera singer. His work is featured and/or forthcoming in Thimble, Squawk Back, Trouvaille, Cajun Mutt, and Ekphrastic,among others. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University.

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