The Tale of a Backyard Party

Someone tells a story as if it’s a homily. To a rapt audience he gives his commentary. A line of thirsty adults circle the steel barrel and watch it like a totem. From it they get their momentum. A thumb presses the plastic handle. The nozzle on the hose snorts and bubbles like a baby’s nose. The last beer drops on their sandals. Fear not, says the host:

When the tap sputters, spits foam and gas,

We should toast ourselves on a job well done.

For when a keg is emptied at last,

It’s time to tap a brand-new one.

Andy Brown is a full-time freelance writer based in Richmond, Va. His work has been featured in Maudlin House, Bacopa Literary Review, Jet Fuel Review, New Orleans Review, and more. He’s working on a book of toasts in honor of dubious occasions. Follow him on Twitter (@brownalerts)

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