The fact that writers have to go through this

is kinda messed up 

It’s like our brain opens up a notification stating it needs to close some applications in my mind in order to continue

Like it randomly needs dump memory in order for it to continue

I compute at near 90% everyday (10% is on the reserve lol)

For three weeks, my mind would shut down the second I open my notes app in my iPhone

The first couple days I’d write one or two words

This is more than likely after erasing and starting over

Erasing starting over

Finally saying “fuck it, I like these two words can I make it to three? No? Ok, I’ll come back to it”

And I did that so often in the last several days

And then, outta nowhere something just clicks

As if during this time, my body decides reboot 

And every thing comes back to me 

Like a message appears saying “Do you want to continue where you left off?”

Of course I do, I didn’t fucking ask for this 

Lol, whoever came up with the idea of writer’s block

Yeah…I don’t like it 

Reggie Johnson is a poet reigning from Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting at the age of nine, Reggie has been writing poetry through their love of music and life experiences. He has 9 books now available on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter @r_d_johnson and on IG @rdjohnsonwrites

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