finish him

most cursed wonder place would be car parks after 10 pm and cut 

feel the pull they had on me, bones and stomach 

the garage sign roaring blue from the black non stop 

woman strolls in, headphones on, dances between the rows of vacant cars right until the end wall, touch 

frame: the woman, her back 

shot / closer 

shot / close up 

neck round spine shoulder blades 

square skin lit from above in loud white 

ponytail coming down to the mortal kombat theme song 

wanna jump up in my lamborghini gallardo 

all this and i don’t even drive 

now stab me with the knife

Barbara Genova (she/her/they) is the pen name of a public person who changed her mind. Pieces written and published under the name Barbara have been / will be running at The Daily Drunk,, Anti-Heroin Chic. She can be found on Twitter @CallGenova   

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