If Jim Halpert Were in Mad Men

He’d make it through the interview and get fired soon after,

That is, unless Don were in the interview, Draper would take one look at Jim and declare him unfit for not being secretly complex enough.

Joan would come on to him and Jim would awkwardly joke his way out of the building. He would try to prank Harold with disastrous results. Unlike the Nard Dog punching a wall, a mind game would ensue.

He’d be best friends with Peggy and he’d realize that they’d make a great couple, leading to  complications with her relationship with Pete. Adding Pete to Harold’s mission of getting rid of him.

Sterling would take a liking to him, but then their relationship would turn much like Jim’s and Robert California’s.

Either that, or Jim would rise to the top, since he’d find this job finally worth his effort!

Erica Jasmin Dixon (she/her) is a writer, poet, and artist originally from Raeford, North Carolina. She holds an MFA degree from Queens University of Charlotte and her creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in various literary publications, to include I-70 Review, For Women Who Roar, and Southern Humanities Review.

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