The can suggests pairing it with hashbrowns, eggs, and other breakfast type foods, and you know I love a breakfast for dinner type of day. I tell you to order the home fries, so we can split them, the word split hangs between us for a second before I pick up the glass finally.

You sit across from me and insist I won’t like what’s about to happen as the waitress sets down my order, but I’ve been dying to try this beer since I saw the release announcement on Instagram. I tell you that I’ve had beer that’s plenty bitter before, so I doubt this will be too bad, really, and I’m not wrong about that.

Thank god for the smell of the apricots, because this thing is as bitter as they promise. You tell me this could never work long term, and I agree. The price is a little high for what it is and I don’t think it’s incredibly original. The flavors are familiar fruits and get kind of lost in the bitterness.

Aj Maiorana knows what the inside of a bar in Philadelphia looks like. He casually reviews beer on the internet, you can ask about it on @ExtraSauce_.

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