After Watching Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings

Who cries for the ninjas, faceless and nameless,

tossed headlong through a window,

falling through the scaffolding of a rich man’s building

like forgotten apples falling from the trees?

They are all sons, many brothers,

perhaps some have taken lovers

who wait now at home with fading hopes

as bread goes stale on the table.

What dreams die, bleeding 

and growing cold in the dirt

along the path the hero takes on his way

to slay the dragon?

Jason Kahler is a writer, teacher, and scholar from Michigan. His creative work explores the intersections of the specific with the universal. His academic work focuses on writing pedagogy, social justice, and popular culture. His comic book collection contains a lot of B-List villain first appearances. Follow him on Twitter @JasonKahler3. 

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