the impact of pop culture

as it’s just a show 

and it isn’t real

and yet

I still find it true

I miss Red Forman

Even if

the second best character

turned out to be

a douchebag scientologist rapist

and the nostalgia

for the era is more imaginary

than any of us

care to admit

We still think of the threats

of foots up the ass

and the constant barrage

of anti-humanist rhetoric

but still a decent guy

the show about the kids

stolen by a lush wife

and a hard ass dad

I travel the country and the world

I go to concerts; hike nature trails

and visit museums 

and fine restaurants

but still years later

syndication aside

although it blunts the blow

I still miss Red Forman

George Schaefer was born in Philadelphia.  He started writing poetry in high school in a pathetic ruse to impress girls.  It didn’t work so he kept reading Bukowski, Beat poetry and 19th Century French poetry and honing his craft.  4 decades later, he continues to write as that is all he knows how to do.

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