Szn’s Greetings

Your breast swells
As you open the email
The actual results won’t matter
Because you cracked the draft
the process the process the process

The most wonderful time
Before they’re going down clutching thighs
or getting vultured at the goal-line
It’s hope szn
When the significant others
think you’re dreaming of others
You’re rosterbating
Focused on a different kind of tight end
Pondering the stream of another type of solid D

Luxuriating in the in-between
Until the blown knees
Blown leads
Leave us tilting
and the target shares
become hard to bear
Shower crying
to hide the tears

Everybody worried about player welfare
in the extra week
but what about us
the fantasy GMs
locked out of our thoughts
for another seven days
Chores left
until we peek through every door
searching for a forgotten superstar
to part the waves of linemen
and takes us to the promised land.

Scott Cumming never considered himself to be a writer until recently, but turns out he has some stuff to say. He has been published at The Daily Drunk, Punk Noir Magazine, Versification, and Shotgun Honey. His poem, “Blood on Snow”, was voted the best of Outcast Press Poetry Things We Carry issue and his debut poetry chapbook is due for release in December. Twitter: @tummidge Website:

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