Praise for Teaspoons

“Another type of love language is the act of making and sharing food, which is an expression most Filipinos have mastered. Pangasinense poet, Noreen Ocampo, brings the reader on a lyrical journey on how love prevails in any (and all) food establishments. From mothers muttering prayers to melting at the pretty pretzel girl’s ‘thank you,’ this acts of service infused with food love language is made even more tender by Ocampo’s gentle voice.”

—Keana Aguila Labra, editor-in-chief of Marías at Sampaguitas and author of No Saints and Natalie

Noreen Ocampo is a Filipina American writer and poet from metro Atlanta. She is currently a blog co-editor and web editor for COUNTERCLOCK and a regular contributor for Marías at Sampaguitas, and she was previously a literary associate for {m}aganda Magazine. She is in her senior year at Emory University, where she studies English, film, and media. In her work, she aims to write toward joy, always. Find more at noreenocampo.com

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