Yet Another Friends Reunion: The One Where They Get Back Together, and Try to Survive the Climate Change Apocalypse

The Friends gang is back together for one more season of big-hearted episodes, filled with laughs, love, rising seas, and hellish, godawful temperatures.

The one with the fried egg on the sidewalk.

The one where everybody plays touch football, and Joey gets heat stroke.

The one where Chandler denies climate change is happening, and Monica punches him in the mouth.

The one with the melted fruit cake.

The one with the flash flood.

The one where, you know, but also existential dread.

The one where the monkey escapes, and no one bothers to look for it.

The one where the power grid collapses, and all the AC turns off.

The one with the forest fires.

The one where the smelly cat is hungry because Phoebe is hoarding all the cat food for herself.

The one where everyone cries about the way life used to be.

The one where Joey moves to California, sees that it’s a fiery hellscape, and moves right back.

The one with the hurricane.

The one where Tom Selleck thinks his mustache will save him.

The one with the fight over the last MRE.

The one where the rising seas wash away the coffee shop

The one where Ross and Rachel live in an underground bunker.

The one with the empty cupboard.

The one where the rising seas wash away Joey.

The one where the monkey finally shows up, and civilization ends.

A writer and editor living in the Boston area, John Crawford can be found on Twitter, @crawfordwriter, where he tweets semi-amusing and very depressing missives about climate change.

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