Why are there 10,000 layers in this file? 
I’m asking because I just opened it up and there are 10,000 layers in it. 
No, not 1,000, not 2,000, not 3,000, not even 9,999, but a full 10,000 layers. How does something like this even happen? 
Am I actually expected to work with this? 
Okay then. 
Let’s see what else we have in here… 
Okay, it looks like there are 43 other files linked into this one, each contributing a couple hundred or so layers of its own to get us to our grand total of 10,000 layers. 
Are all these linked files really necessary? 
Because, you know, maybe some of them aren’t. Maybe I can detach at least a few of them and try to get us down to a more manageable 8,000 layers or something like that. 
So like, do we really need to be linking to the file called illustration-update-latest-03b-without-trees? 
I picked that one out because we also have one called illustration-update-latest-03b-with-trees. 
But then there’s also illustration-update-latest-03b-withandwithout-trees. Maybe that one’s the keeper. 
Oh, but the visual display changes each time when I test out turning them off and on again. I guess we do need the entire illustration-update-latest-03b-with/without/withandwithout-trees sequence of linked files after all. 
I’m just trying to figure out which of the 43 linked files and their combined 10,000 layers I actually need to deal with is all. 
The main file itself that we’re working with here contains, let’s see…386 layers all of its own, completely independent of the 43 linked files and their combined 9,614 layers. 
Most of the 386 layers in the main file are turned on. Do they all need to be? 
I mean, why are there 12 layers called ”000sun” in our main file? 
Oh, look, I can turn off each of the ”000sun” layers and nothing changes. That’s a step in the right direction at least. 
I can probably delete them, so let’s start there. 
Here we go…selecting the 12 ”000sun” layers and deleting… 
…and an error message pops up…it appears that these layers cannot be deleted… 
Alright then…clicking ”ok”… 
Oh look, now the program crashed.

Rowdy Geirsson unsuccessfully attempts to promote Leif Erikson awareness and barely maintains Scandinavian Aggression, a mediocre blog about Vikings. He is the editor of Norse Mythology for Bostonians and is a regular contributor to Metal Sucks, McSweeney’s, Points in Case, and Slackjaw. Follow him on Twitter @RGeirsson, or don’t.

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