Halloween Budget Friendly COVID Hacks

Anyone thought about how the lockdown is impacting Halloween this year?

My daughter is into spooky things, trick-or-treating and all that. 

I wonder how much shaving cream is going to be slathered all over the place. 

Will there be a lot more mummy costumes or will entire neighborhoods be covered in 

cascading white ribbons of toilet paper?

Can you give away pasta and beans to kids that ring your doorbell?

Follow-up question, pasta and three bean salads for all or still in the boxes and cans?

After all the trick-or-treating is done and the mischief starts, I’ll perch myself in the upstairs bedroom window with some pickled eggs we made and huck them at anyone thinking they’re touching my property. I can stay up all night with the instant coffee we have stored up, all jittery on caffeine, but still a good aim. 

Now the serious question, 

do I have enough time to create decorations that will outdo my neighbors out of the leftover building materials from fixing every aspect of my house when we were quarantined? Does anyone have pictures of what they made because that would be really helpful? 

If we go into lockdown again, are any of these hacks somewhat applicable to the next holidays or am I starting over at that point?

Matt McGuirk teaches and laughs at his puns by day and scribbles somewhat coherent words nightly. He lives with his family in New Hampshire. Words in The Daily Drunk Magazine, Honeyfire Lit, Idle Ink, Maudlin House, Purple Wall Stories, Sledgehammer Lit, Versification and othersTwitter handle: @McguirkMatthew and Instagram @mcguirk_matthew.

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