A Poem By Lauren Theresa

I Wake Up Every Morning Thinking About Food You

We had a shitty week. 

It was the kind of shitty week that just looms,

that feels like a heavy cloud overhead.

Like pepper… too much pepper thrown into something it had no business being in. 

Like Emeril Lagasse throwing pepper at my week—


it sucked. 

The cloud lingered.

Sometimes lifting and letting in a little sunlight,

not a ton, just a small amount.

Like a hint… a shimmer of gold glistening onto something that it had no business being on.

Like Mark McGrath bowing his head into my week—


it sucked. 

Our responsibilities pulled us into ourselves

and the peppery frosted-tipped week 

went on until a Tuesday,

when he handed me back my phone

with a giggle

and I saw it—

A glowing gold-red ombre silhouette,

Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen App 

on my home screen.


we never spoke again.

Lauren Theresa (she/her) is a writer, botanical sorceress, and depth psychotherapist living in NJ with her tiny family and myriad of plants. Her musings can be found via IG & Twitter @imlaurentheresa, and her words crawl the pages of laurentheresa.com.

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