Dexter Morgan, How I’ve Missed You

Spoiler Alerts!!!

Dexter Morgan is BACK! After a miserable ending to one of the best shows in the history of television, 8 years later everyone’s favorite serial killer has returned to the screen. Thus far, the antics have only begun, but we’ve already learned a couple key components:

1.  Dexter’s relocation has remained intact and he’s been living in a remote town in the wilderness for 10 years.  Ay dios mio, no Miami!  Sorry, I’ll never do that again.

2.  Dexter hasn’t murdered anyone for 10 years.  BORINGGG!

3.  Dexter now goes by Jim.  Awkward, but ok. 

4.  Dexter is yet to reunite with his son and Hannah McKay.  Deadbeat!

5. Dexter is in a relationship with the local chief of police. Hot.

Last, but not least Dexter is still very much Dexter.  He’s like a swiss army knife with his mixture of intelligence, savvy and his ability to hide in plain sight.  Behind him are the days of blood spatter analysis for Miami metro and hunting down serial killers.  Instead, he works at a local store that sells hunting gear where he perfectly plays the card of “local, nice guy Jim.”  However, when alone he filets a fish with the precision of a murderous sushi chef begging for a victim.

The season truly kicks off when a local frat boy comes to town that’s practically campaigning to be punched in the face or stabbed in the heart by Dexter and you GUESSED IT— Dexter punched him in the face and stabbed him in the heart.

However, 10 years out of the game and Dexter wasn’t as smooth as he used to be.  Suddenly, we find him trying to hide his crime from his girlfriend.  Adding to that tension, his son Harrison tracks him down and we start to see pieces of Dexter that seem to manifest in Harrison – a dark passenger.  After all, they both witnessed the murders of their own Mother’s as infants.

Dexter’s life slowly starts to unravel as Harrison bitterly seeks answers about his abandonment and his murdered Mother.  The stakes only rise as his girlfriend senses Dexter isn’t who he says he is.  

In other words and especially as a die-hard Dexter fan – DEXTER IS BACK.

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