Oscars T-shirt Contest

The votes are submitted, the buzz is increasing, and the week is here! The Academy Awards is back, baby!! With the return of beautiful creatives collecting their golden statues just days away, The Daily Drunk is also returning with their Oscar Nomination Picks. What’s that, might you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s this amazing survey system that The Daily Drunk put together for all of their incredible followers to see what they think will win each category for the Academy Awards. We had such an amazing turnout last year and appreciate every single person that participated. We heard that it was the best thing everyone experienced all of last year (will not confirm. Please, no questions). 

Just like the previous year, you will find the survey attached to this article with every category for the upcoming Academy Awards and every nominee for their respective category. You must choose which one you think will win in each category, and the person that gets the most amount right will take home their very own Daily Drunk Mag T-Shirt. We are bringing The Daily Drunk drip this year, people! You can rep DD when you go to an open mic, get some food, walk your dog. Whatever your heart desires. Good luck to everyone who is going to be checking in and voting this week. Let’s see who will be taking home some Oscars in the 94th Academy Award ceremony, and let’s see who will be receiving some Daily Drunk comfort.

Cast your votes here!

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