The Journal of a Fallout NPC

Day 7439: 

Went back out exploring today. Found some caps and a few bullets. BUT THEN, this dude just came running through the building and punched a robot right in the face. He then pulled out a laser rifle (who has those?!?) and made a Supermutant an ash pile. That was so freaking cool!

Day 7442:

Been busy the last few days. That guy is running all around the area killing everything. He doesn’t have any backup and it seems like he can freeze time. It was freaky the first time it happened. I thought my eyeballs were going to explode. He also radiates light a lot and makes a chime. He looks happy and screams “LEVEL UP!” Don’t know what that’s about.  

Day 7446:

That guy just went to the biggest settlement in the area. Walked right in like he owned the place. He bought everything and then sold it all back to the vendors. He flooded the market with caps. It was ridiculous. 

Day 7454:

That guy went away for a few days. No one knew where he went but we all heard distant explosions. There’s missles and mini nukes somewhere over the horizon. Some say he’s out in the forbidden zones. I’m starting to miss him. He made me feel safer than even with my Jangles the Moon Monkey toy. 

Day 7459:

HE’S BACK! AND HE TALKED TO ME. Well, he grunted a lot and looked at me dead eyed and nodded as I told him about the raider attacks on my family. I told him all about the leader trying to extort money from us and taking our crops. He then looked at his Pip-Boy and then disappeared. Poof! Into thin air. It’s the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. 

Day 7463:

He returned, threw the leader’s helmet at me and walked away. He didn’t say anything or even mention money. He looked pissed doing. Something about “another settlement needs MY help.” 

Day 7470:

He disappeared again! I tried to watch him for a bit to see if he dropped anything. He tends to get overwhelmed with all the stuff he carries and drops like eight sets of armor at a time. But no. He just vanished. How does he do that? 

Day 75??:

Someone mentioned something about a big battle between the factions of the area. Not like it matters. It’s all just crops and caps anyway. Apparently that guy just walked into the sunset. Kinda dumb if you ask me. It’d be almost nighttime and he’d have to make camp soon. Besides, wouldn’t it be blinding to walk into it?

Daniel Wartham is a current grad student and spends his free time watching movies and taking walks to Waffle House at 2am. He can be found on Twitter at @DanielWartham.

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