Brent Faiyaz: Wasteland

Brent Faiyaz has been one of the hardest working independent artists for quite some time. Ever since he came to the forefront thanks to Goldlink’s single “Crew” back in 2016, eyes have been on him as he steadily released new music. Last week, he released his sophomore album, WASTELAND and he currently has the chance to make billboard history as he could be the first independent artist since 2018 to debut atop the charts. 

One of the first things I gathered from listening to the album throughout is the singer’s love for film. WASTELAND features a series of skits that seamlessly fit together to depict the overall story being told. From the first track “VILLAIN’S THEME”, the classic toxicity Brent shows in his music is present and sets up the narrative for the 19 track album. The features compliment the aesthetic of the project drawing collaborations from Drake, Tyler the Creator, Alicia Keys and more.    Brent Faiyaz is truly diamond in the rough and it has been a pleasure to discover his discography over the years. This album takes you on the ride from start to finish. You can listen to his new album on all music streaming services.

Reggie Johnson is a poet reigning from Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting at the age of nine, Reggie has been writing poetry through their love of music and life experiences. He has 9 books now available on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter@r_d_johnson and on IG @rdjohnsonwrites.

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