I can feel it… I’m gonna be high in a few seconds.

The letters are starting to drip from the computer screen.

I see the snowflake-like images of other multiverses of myself

calling out to me to explore and so I hear all of them like Michelle 

Yeoh did at the end of Everything Everywhere All at Once. Struggling

to stay in the present moment when there are millions of millions of 

millions of millions of millions of ‘presents’ going on at the same time.

Like Master Oogway told me that now is a gift and that is why we call it 

the present. And that thought snaps me back to THE present, you know, 

like my very own Jamie Lee Curtis asking if I am here. Which sometimes feels 

taxing in the way that taxes are actually fucking taxing and you realize Yeah that’s

how words work, idiot. This is the present. You are the present. Being read by those 

in the future in their very own prese- oh now look it’s the future- and we are back in

the present. Where did the past go? Did we miss it? Are we always missing it? Oh fuck.

I’m high.

Brian Seungheon Kim (BK) (he/him/his)is a Korean-American actor, photographer, poet, and overall vape trash. Causing discourse and pandemonium are his bread and butter. He also likes peanut butter cups very much. He posts his shenanigans and photography on Instagram (@briiankiim), Twitter (@briaankiim), and his website (brianseungheonkim.com).

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