castle breakfast gone wrong and two haiku poems

castle breakfast gone wrong 


choking on the heat 

fingers fumbling for the window 

and eyes watering 

as cackling echoes in our ears 

a cacophonous melody

composed of both 

laughing and the growing embers

and then 

the gasp of fresh air 

as the window bursts open 

and Calcifer howls 

“I am a demon, not your campfire!” 

as smoke streams out the castle 

as we breathe our relief 

and bemoan our cursed housemate 

the spinning soot sprites 

dancing a little ditty 

delivering stars

my friends the soot sprites 

bring me my stars on odd days 

when darkness prevails 

Abby Moeller (she/her) is a writer based in WNY who explores her writing in forms varying from poetry to dramatic monologues to epic fantasy stories. Currently, she lives with her growing zoo of pets and endlessly teetering piles of books. She can be found rambling on Twitter at @abbym823.

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