Song Premiere: Mustard Can Be Found Anywhere

We are excited to premiere the song “Mustard Can Be Found Anywhere,” by JustSomeMustard Ft. Mayor Mayo!

This is the first time in Daily Drunk’s history that we have a song premiering on the site. Our partnership with Music Shelf makes the future of Daily Drunk super exciting!

JustSomeMustard had this to say on the song:

“Mustard Can Be Found Anywhere came together a lot quicker than I imagined. I mentioned in passing to Tommy R (of Toilet Rats) about wanting to make a ska song at some point this year. Few days later he had sent over an instrumental. Mustard and I had been listening to a lot of Weird Al. This song channels some of that frantic energy he has when he gets really worked up. 

The premise of the song is really simple: it includes various places you can find Mustard. The second half of the song was originally improvised. As is tradition it seems with all JustSomeMustard music. 

Mustard hopes everyone enjoys it. It is a silly and fun ska song that should hopefully help you find Mustard if it ever becomes lost.” 

Tap in and listen. We hope you enjoy!

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