I’m literally begging you to stop making me feel like a Mitski song

He drives me on the back of his stupid fucking

motorcycle and for the first time in my life I 

know what it feels like to want to fly.

We eat dim sum at the prettiest restaurant I’ve 

ever seen not in a magazine and share wine

and dessert and his laughter is plant food.

And he won’t kiss me because our bubble

is made of glass and afterwards with my

fingertips over his belly button I understand

that if he were to so much look at another

I’d crash this bike myself and maybe, once 

splayed out on the goddam pavement, I 

could finally get some rest.

Michaela Brown is an ESL teacher based in Vigo, Spain. She is the first place recipient of the 2020 Marjorie Stover Short Story Prize and has previously been published in Laurus Magazine, The Fourth River, Unstamatic, and elsewhere. You can find her on Twitter @mikienbrown

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