Bucket List

✅ Talk to the cute guy at the coffee shop

✅ Experience what it’s like to have someone really love me for me

✅ Stand up for myself more

✅ Learn how to change my own locks

✅ Get a new cat

✅ Go on a spontaneous late-night adventure with someone

✅ Squeeze into the trunk of a car

✅ Live off the grid for a year

✅ Experience Stockholm syndrome

🔲 Find out if I can chew my own hand off

🔲 Go on a wilderness trek!

🔲 Survive for a whole week without food

🔲 Be on the news

🔲 Rekindle my relationship with my parents

🔲 Write a memoir

🔲 Become a published author (stretch goal!!)

🔲 Improve internet sleuthing skills

🔲 Learn how to shoot a gun

🔲 Take a solo vacation just for me

🔲 Get closure on big life events

🔲 Learn to forgive myself, even for the dark things

🔲 Bungee jumping!

Sasha Brown lives near Boston. He’s got work in Old Moon, Pithead Chapel and F&SF. He can be found on twitter @dantonsix and online at sashabrownwriter.com.

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