Girl You Know It’s True

I can’t remember my first CD. I would dig out my collection, but it’s in storage under too many boxes and I’m tired today. It may have been Milli Vanilli or New Kids On The Block. I can’t believe I’m admitting this. Yes, I can. I have no shame. 

I can remember the first cassette I bought with my allowance. It was Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.” I can’t believe my mom let me buy it. I was 8. It was scandalous at the time. She was a cool mom. I realize that more now that she’s dead. 

She bought me Madonna gloves and those neon fishnet hair wrap things. She let me listen to whatever music I wanted. She also never baptized me. She wanted me to choose my own religion when I was ready. I’m still not ready. Poetry is religion enough. 

Note: This poem borrows its title from the Milli Vanilli song and album of the same name.

Nicole Tallman is the Poetry Ambassador for Miami-Dade County, Associate Editor for South Florida Poetry Journal, and Interviews Editor for The Blue Mountain Review. She is also the author of Something Kindred (The Southern Collective Experience Press). Find her on Twitter and Instagram @natallman and at

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