STI Causes Airport Irritation

A monumental precedent was set last week as Phillip Locke successfully claimed against London City Airport when their patchy wi-fi prevented him being able to ‘check-in’ on social media. 

Mr. P Locke, 23 from greater London, said “I actually go by Phi now after my trip, it means ‘brother’ in Thai and I now consider myself a brother to all.”

“The whole trip was almost ruined by the airport. I mean, in this day and age not being able to check-in on Facebook is criminal. How else will everyone know to look out for the moment I find myself at a full moon party? I considered not going. I was so distraught I completely bypassed Weatherspoons and bought a meal deal instead. You can’t Instagram that!”

“I had to message everyone individually when I got there, it took ages. I missed out on half my moped ride through Bangkok.”

Mr Locke was insured through a new enterprise, Social Travel Insurers (STI). STI launched their new brand of insurance last year after seeing a gap in the market for travellers. Their packages offer options such as ‘minimum likes,’ and ‘instagrammable moments guarantee.’  

“We’re just really pleased that justice has served its course here and that Mr. Locke feels he has received adequate compensation for what might have been a life altering moment. We understand the importance of making sure that everyone knows you’re on holiday and that starts with the airport check-in and 6am pint of beer.”

Phillip plans to continue his travels. “I just hope this brings awareness to these issues and that no-one else has to suffer like I did. Everyone has the right to be seen to live their best life.”

Tom Kilpatrick briefly tried to become a ‘proper’ travel writer, then one day realised how pretentious his writing had become and stopped. He is a relatively unknown writer, even among his friends, but is working on a book which may or may not be finished before he turns thirty. He can be followed on Twitter @TomMoose101.

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