all he ever did was follow his dreams

–Comment made by comedian Shane Torres on Guy Fieri

on hard days i watch the youtube video

of guy fieri eating food on his show

while johnny cash’s cover of “hurt”

plays in the background

on hard days guy fieri watches the vimeo

video of me writing sonnets while

jr jr’s cover of “friends in low places”

plays in the foreground

taking inspiration from repetition

let’s start those days over adding

our own variations such as nachos

in trash cans or poems with intermissions

we give what we can of what we have       breathe

[5 minutes later] out how we could always do more

s.g. maldonado-vélez is a Puerto Rican poet/artist with an MFA in Poetry from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. They have been published in Hunger Mountain, the Shade Journal, Peach Mag, and more. s.g. can be found on Twitter @M00NP0ET and at They strongly believe that we share hearts. 

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