Guy Fieri, Paladin (approx. service: 3 years)

Playing the mayor of Flavourtown Flavortown was a challenge

Not least because I had never seen

Flavortown before

An episode of diners & drive-ins & dives

(a title which I found out

from a Wikipedia trip)

(the only trip you go on which

can last a 30 seconds)

But it was actually a sort of mistake

Because all I knew was ‘fieri’ was ‘become’ (in Latin)

                              (pass.infinitive, present tense)

And I was on the train to Oxford

                              (and I hadn’t played D&D before)

And I was talking through in texting

And I knew the name fieri

So I said the name fieri

When he said “are you actually

making me read the backstory


ye olde knight Guy Fieri”

(and I remember the sky was gorgeous

               (amber-gold and silhouette

                              (of a pylon swept in transit

               (as I stared out and I dreamt-)

And I look back and the message

               is ‘ye olde knight Guy Fieri?’

And I said I guess- yeah?

I guess I really am

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