Tenser the Wizard & Green, the Blue Dragon

Tenser the wizard was a funny drunk. 

His roommate was the dragon, Green the Blue.

He had a moon tower, and a tower under the sea

where kept a book of every spell in the universe.

Tenser was old, tenser was wise,

Tenser had a mirror with a thousand eyes,

but none of his magic prepared him for witches

like Eyela Grimm, Illusionist, Queen of the Dim.

So Tenser is on a spectacular drunk when she appears,

of course, changing form, for a greek goddess

long forgotten, and takes Tenser to her chamber.

Magic was heavy in the air, electric-ice,

and had Tenser not been so terrifically waxed

he might have noticed a strange pull of gravity

in the room. Instead, she had her way with the fool.

Her way was called frightening

by living pieces of darkness itself,

and she would have finished him too

if he didn’t just then become Green the Blue,

which she didn’t know he could do.

So he swallowed her whole at once – gulp-up!

It never occurred to poor, lost Eyela Grimm

but no-one ever saw them in the same room.

Next day, Tenser couldn’t explain the broom.

Adam Ai is a Puerto Rican and Basque poet and U.S. Army veteran from Los Angeles. His poems have been published in various print and online publications. He lives with a Ghost. Hobbies include time travel and teaching robots love. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram @AdamAiPoems

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