The Cold’s Always Bothered Me, Anyway

So last weekend I watched Frozen and the sequel for the first time. I’m a little late aboard this train, I know. What surprised me, however, is how little we learn about Elsa, though both films seem to want to make her the main protagonist. 

Elsa has a tendency to push others away in an attempt to protect them in both films, almost as if she learned nothing from the first film. I know some people do have a tendency to do so, but when she realized that she almost lost Anna by doing that very same thing in the first film – it just makes me wonder why she thought the same technique would save her sister or her country, in the second film.

I know she was learning about herself and her powers in the second film, but why was that something that she had to leave Anna out of? Anna may not have had magical powers, but she was strong in her own way. It just rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps, because I’m an older sister myself and I used to push my sister away and I regret the bond we lost in the process. I learned my lesson, but Elsa keeps repeating the same mistakes. 

Not that some people don’t do that, but as an older sister who did that very same thing; I realized my mistake and I stopped pushing my sister away. I wish that we could have seen Elsa do the same. 

The films were very cute, mind you, but I’m not sure what the Frozen fever is all about. It’s definitely not the best Disney movie or sequel out in the Disney universe.

Also, I have an opinion that might rub some the wrong way, but… Anna is clearly the superior sister. Elsa may have her magical powers. But she also has an inability to let others in even after the first film, despite her best efforts she reverts to the default when she realizes that just telling Anna to go away isn’t going to work anymore. It just makes me sad. Could you imagine how strong the pair of them could be together?

The power of a sister’s love was enough to break the curse in the first film.

Anna isn’t without fault, of course, as no one is. Yet she is warmth, she is loving, and she is always willing to forgive and help those whom she loves. She wants to shoulder some of the responsibility and the pain that Elsa endures, but Elsa refuses to let her in more often than not. It just breaks my heart.

Because sisters should be able to be open with one another about everything. Being a good sister is more than just family get-togethers and game nights. I just wish that Elsa was able to trust Anna more.

Can you imagine how much strength and forgiveness it took for Anna to forgive everyone involved in altering her memories of Elsa having magic in the first films? It just baffles me after seeing Anna’s emotional strength and her resilience to get through any situation that Elsa would believe that could work better apart than together.

Elsa’s just lucky that everything worked out in the end, and Anna didn’t die in either movie.

The cold’s always bothered me, so maybe that’s why I have more of an affinity for Anna. Or perhaps it’s because she’s a fellow feisty sister who would do anything to protect the sister that she loves. Regardless, Anna totally steals the show for me, and is one of the only reasons I liked the Frozen films. 

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