The Man From Anything

Rare cases of people finding the mat under the key

Other than cops, robbers, pet dogs and Huck Finn

Include the guy with a tall beard sitting on the bin, as I write

This piece which you won’t publish but I want you to read,

In the northern corner of my kitchen which opens up 

To a massive field of green ringed by trees like castle ramparts. 

“Thank you for your reluctant but kind hospitality”, said he

With a twinkle in his eye and tossed the empty Carlsberg up

Which turned to a mini carousel playing Always on My Mind 

As it floated through the sky below the ceiling of my kitchen

Before exiting the window and zooming away to some heaven. 

“Cheap trick”, I said and took out a drink for myself from the fridge. 

The can in my hand became a live rabbit and demolished a carrot

Before I could say Orangehead, jumped through the closed door

Became a Space-EXXX (I saw his digitized face) and flew off. 

The little fella’s beard kept swooshing around as he laughed and coughed. 

“Let me tell you, young man” while I brushed imagined fibre back from my pate

“Anything can become anything if you can tempt the fates. 

Sunrises in the west and horses talking stocks to unicorns wearing socks

Are par for the course while graying hounds go drinking with wild boars. 

Lapp deer play accordions with huskies jamming Reinhardt in summer cafes

By frozen shores where retired walruses surf Breitbart”.

Then he belched, winked and was gone in a blink. 

Kaustuv Ghosh writes in The Poetry Palace, Story Hall and The Creative Cafe on Medium. His work has been published in the Singapore Poetry blog and accepted in Versification Zine. Kaustuv is a technologist otherwise and lives in Singapore. Follow him on Twitter @writerbytheriv2.

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