Activities Modified to Be Safe For When Schools Open Back Up

me of the best children’s games to be playable during the pandemic!  Enjoy pretending these precautions will keep you and your loved ones healthy even as society falls apart.
Hide!A simplified, safer version of hide-and-go seek. Pretty self-explanatory. Hide from others, hide from the virus.  Honestly, just go home.  Stay home.
Everyone Else Is LavaThe floor is now okay.
DodgeballJust don’t get hit.  Really, don’t.
Heads Up Seven… shitIn this game, all students in the class except seven will have their heads down at their desks.  The selected seven children will go around the room and tap the shoulders of… shit… never-mind.
Corn-hole?Wait, this one may actually work?
MafiaNo adjustments! Now you just play in fear as the game intends.
BullyingAs long as you wear masks and stay six feet away, being mean to each other isn’t all that dangerous!  After all, it’s important the popular kids still maintain their dominance in your school’s social ecosystem at such trying times.  This will bring a much-needed sense of normality, and even comfort, to other students as the very fabric of society unravels with no end in sight.
Bonus Tips:
CootiesJust drive this idea home.  Boys have them.  Girls have them.  Everyone has them.  Stay away.
Normalize halloween costumes that feature masks or other face-coveringsIt wouldn’t be the apocalypse if we weren’t all dressed as skeletons, Power Rangers, or Darth Vader, right?
Overthrow the government? Just putting that out there, has anyone considered this before?

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