Animal Crossing

sharks with fishing rods, and whales, and eels, and stones.
I never went fishing with my dad, or fishing at all.
Paying off all my debts to a dictator posing as a raccoon who lets me live here.
I wish my debts were as easily paid by hitting rocks and planting trees.
Presents float on the air. A sheep dressed as a clown. I buy forgeries of famous paintings, display them all in my local museum.
Starry Night was not a forgery, and the only one I wanted to keep for myself, instead of all these fakes around me.
My sunny summer is being kept in a small black box, on a television screen.
My island is giving me the holiday none of us could have this year.
These animals crossing my path, and stopping to give me nicknames and gifts.
A pseudo perfect life in a time where everything is only virtually real.
No matter how many falling stars I wish on, or stars out-of-five I am given – no amount of fencing I build, or outdoor furniture I place can
fill this space you left.

Bethan Rees hosts “Let’s Do Words” on YouTube and is editor of the online press Safe and Sound (@SafeandSoundP) – – she has also been published by various presses and in a number of anthologies. She is currently looking for a home for her first chapbook.

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