Couch Potato Cat Twitter Prompt

“When is mom coming home? We’re out of fucking kibble.”
— @geistman_a_

Alone, again. 10 whole minutes already. Alone, drowning my sorrows…
— @emleemingwrites

Catnip didn’t cure my boredom. Get me some more dip.

His life was over. No more Tiger King. Or booze.
— @WKoewing

“Rent’s due.”
He pawed another chip.
“Stop being so uptight.”
— @GoingByRenee

Beer and people gone. Chips staled. Remote busted. Tomorrow’s Monday.
— @MikeLuketich

One life left. My girl DMing. But damn I’m tired.
— @MeaganJohanson

Fluffy contemplated another beer. Learning to change channels required fortification.
— @Tehnuka

Charlotte didn’t believe Ryan was scratched by a werecat. Then…
— @PoetForest

Nicholas Cage ruined our marriage. Damn Ghost Rider.
— @WatsonWondered

He knew he wasn’t drunk enough to finally watch Cats.
— @AC_Conte

How to paw-mote my Mountain Mew and other existential meows.
— @peelspls

Bob looked at the remote, “Did I become a cat?”
— @GoldCell2007

“Absorb me, television! I’m ready. Save me from this hellscape.”
— @emilyrverona

Take the picture already. My spine hurts.
— @amylynn714

“I can’t change the remote’s batteries. Being a cat sucks!”
— @jwlltn

They found him with Crisco, but I changed the channel.
— @MichaelMaiello

Nothing good on the kittens channel. Cat video?
— @rboucheron

Feline tipsy, lives with a gypsy, chips and t.v ppprrrrrr.
— @Jim_W_OConnor

Learning his contract would not be renewed, Morris became despondent.
— @evorbachcollins

Do I go to the litter box or watch Cats?
— @dougiamm

He thinks I don’t have problems…
I’ve never met my mother.
— @Keith_From_Ohio

Her voice barely registered. “I said don’t leave him alone.”
— @melloftheball

When the owner is away, the cat will play!
— @cityweekendsnyc

Six months of quarantine and still nothing good on TV.
— @MVCpoet

Our lives are meaningless. Grains of sand. Sniff somebody’s butt.
— @CardewjCardew

You said you were coming over, but screw me, right?
— @GrandThings

She said she could never love another ‘kalsarikannit kissa.’ Purr-kele.

Winston was lonely: chips, Heineken, and Maury was his freedom.
— @EkkizogloyNick

Curiosity didn’t “kill” Chauncey but factored into his unhealthy lifestyle.
— @Egl333

Nothing on TCM again. Why do we pay for cable?
— @leahsnapdragon

Beer gone. Stale chips. Neutered. Wait till the humans sleep….
— @LisaLermaWeber

Size. Definitely overrated. Who needs her anyway?
— @AmBusyPoeming

Soon the thrill of freedom wore off. Tina had left.
— @stuartmbuck

I came. I saw. I sat. I sat. I sat.
— @athena_lathos

Go back to work please, god. Too much petting. Go.
— @msjennyryan

You were never the cat you promised her you’d be.
— @juliancday

Trying to switch channels, but paws mash too many buttons.
— @SurinaVenkat

So, this is what it’s like to be Garfield, huh?
— @katemillerrr

After Muffins left, Mr. Whiskers slid into a deep depression
— @_GretaTheGreat

You wanna know what the lockdown has done to me???
— @MikeHic13940507

Just gonna leave myself here like this. Pour me another.
— @GauriMalur

‘I know but the supermarket was out of rats again.’
— @JohnHol88897218

Kate finished her beer before the Alf marathon started. Sad.
— @jeffharveysd

Tiddles decided to cancel his owner’s photoshop account.
— @PhilipRybeck

Sad cat eyes the rewind button and thinks “if only”…
— @sydneyistired

The cat-ch up TV option was a boon…
— @BernardLewis8

Lessons from lockdown: if you can’t beat them, join them.
— @AnnaSanderson86

Curiosity killed the cat; Netflix brought it back 8 seasons
— @Cootieliscious

These 10-word stories is in-response to a Twitter prompt that we ran on 8/2/2020.

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