I Know It’s My Destiny

I’ve watched my husband and his friends play pokemon for years.

Empty photo albums became cherished card protectors And conversations turned heated amidst which team would surpass to victory.

It used to be simple-

fire beat grass, grass beat water, water beat fire
the same coil as rock paper scissors.

Each evolved, following paths of successful careers
and old photo albums donn years of dust.

Every now and again we all get together for dinner or beers by the fire
and the neighbors look over the fence as everyone’s voices rise octaves

one always chooses their favorites
vicavolt and rhyperior
gym types and teams around monotypes
weather teams of sunny day, rain, and sandstorms
hidden abilities and EV’s and IV’s
And the one lucky bastard that runs into all the shiny types

Over and over they argue over which team would be the strongest-
and the battles begin.

Courtney Burk is a freelance writer with a passion and focus on all things food and nerd. Her ramblings can be found at @spoonfulof_ink.

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