michael scott’s recipe for redemption

1 oversized check
1 sexy nurse
1 fun run
1 rabies victim
1/2 portion of fettuccine alfredo
no water
1 half-eaten lollipop

step one: take the oversized check and the sexy nurse. put them together. have the latter flaunt the former around in the name of science.
step two: wash down half a bowl of fettuccine alfredo with nothing but the knowledge that rabies victims are terrified of water. let it sit in your stomach like stone.
step three: run. don’t stop running. even if you’re dehydrated. even when you’re dehydrated.
step four: make it to the end. collapse. cry a little. realize that carb loading was a terrible idea.
step five: share a lollipop in the hospital with the rabies victim that blames you for being there in the first place.
step six: regain position of “best boss ever.”

Natasha Renee usually starts her Office re-watches with the Fun Run episode. No, she will not be taking critiques on that. When she isn’t watching TV, she can be found writing, reading, or playing Animal Crossing.

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