Racing with You

Vin Diesel was supposed to be my friend but there are no friends in the street race that is the USA and if you don’t believe me ask Paul Walker who is dead now though I had a guy friend who met Paul and said he was nonchalant about scoring so much ass but this guy friend unfriended me because he supported Trump and I told him I couldn’t stomach the deranged orange of that man’s face puckered up like a steaming cow’s ass as he tried to preside over the manning of us men pointing to the Fast and Furious franchise as proof of our war-like nature but see some of us resist standing on the street in the exhaust fumes and say no use your real name Vin Diesel if you’re going to kiss flashing neon be honest about why your heart races at the touch of a woman and no I don’t want this false musculature I want to be free of the machinery altogether but still I remember us lost guy friend as sophomores cruising the streets of Carson City in someone’s beat-up sedan and our flinging hopes in that vast unspooling night and the racy streetlights of tinker-toy government buildings and how at McDonald’s three girls approached us and said we were worthy of their attention and how that feeling of validation was also affection I felt for you because we had dreamed it together sitting there in the restaurant next to the highway where traffic never stops

Scott Neuffer is a writer from Nevada. Follow him on Twitter @scottneuffer.

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