Salem Bourbon Slushee

2 cups ice
9 tablespoons (3 jiggers) simple syrup**
9 tablespoons (3 jiggers) bourbon
8 fresh mint leaves

Blend until smooth.

** simple syrup

I like to make my simple syrup like this:
2 cups fresh water
2 cups granulated cane sugar
2 cinnamon sticks
6 mint leaves, torn

Boil until roiling. Pour through strainer — I use my French press to extract leaves and cinnamon sticks — and into a heavy glass bottle. Simple syrup keeps for about a month, chilled.
Sure. You could do 3 tablespoons each, but it’s hot.
Hope you like!!!
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Brian Vlasak, MFA, PhD is a disabled essayist and thinker living in Salem, Massachusetts. Dr. Vlasak‘s work has been published in ‘Coffin Bell,’ Paragon Press’s ‘Echo: A Journal of Nonfiction,’ ‘Columbia Journal,’ and is forthcoming this in fall’s ‘Saranac Review’. They unwind by losing games of Overwatch.

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