Minutes from the Band Meeting of Iron Mantis

Discussed how to deal with the cease and desist order from the other “Iron Mantis.” Among other topics, spitballed possible lyrics for the song Dawn of the Rise of and Thorgrim’s War Hammer. Debated whether to add koozies from the merch order. Made tentative plans to contact Heather about mixing the EP The 8th Plague. Dropped acid and mentioned what our technical rider might contain when we open for Megadeth one day. The meeting ended with talking about how the female Praying Mantis will cannibalize her partner after mating.

Andrew Davie received an MFA in creative writing from Adelphi University. He taught English in Macau on a Fulbright Grant. In June of 2018, he survived a ruptured brain aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage. His other work can be found in links on his website: asdavie.wordpress.com

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