The Hunt

The humans devoured their tacos
and washed them down with ice cold beer,
ignoring the cat who sulked in the corner.

The humans laughed as they watched
a show in which stupid dogs did stupid tricks.
The cat wasn’t laughing.
He was sitting on the bookshelf
like a gargoyle, watching the humans
with dark, angry eyes.

The humans went to bed,
tried to pet the cat goodnight
but he scratched them, drew blood.
They yelled at him, then made jokes
about his stolen jewels.

The humans fell asleep,
smiling as they dreamed
of a land where the tacos and beer
were endless and free.
The cat stalked into their room,
jumped onto the bed and smiled
as he watched their chests move.

It would be his turn to steal.
Breath by precious breath,
he would have his revenge.

Lisa Lerma Weber once had a cat named Mary Jane who scratched everyone. She loves tacos and beer. Follow her on Twitter @LisaLermaWeber

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