The national spectacle otherwise known as the family quiz night

“What is a man o’war?” Asked my father, sitting in the middle of the room.
“A Jellyfish” I responded
“Horseshit” said my brother from the other side of the room.

And so the cavalcade of crass begins,
what else was to be said?
The questions just aren’t fair,
his are too easy.
“You egotistical arse!”
“‘Least I didn’t repeat…”
The crowd jeering at the spectacle
Ape vs Ape.

The show continues,
as questions about, ‘Normal people’ drive us cracked.
“I won’t be reduced to a fucking guessing game”
“Open the door, it’s roasting in here!”

As the ringmaster pulls the troops back in line,
Another question…

And they’re off!

Violent gesturing!
Linguistic acrobatics!
Stunned agitation!

The front curtains are open.
A show for all!

Iarlaith Cunningham is a third year creative writing student in National University of Ireland Galway. They are also editor-in-chief of Neuro Logical literary magazine. Their work has been published in Galway advertiser and Twitter: @IarlaithNUIG

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