Homely Narcissism

Thud! went a door disturbed by violence
As strewn glass painted my steps
A crimson trail of rampant narcissism
As momma’s tantrums reached

A crescendo rousing
And footprints bloody exited a final time.

Anthony Salandy is a 19-year-old mixed-race poet & writer who enjoys the pastoral as well as the depth of human sentiment and action and tries in earnest to express this in his poetry. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony’s work has been published 16 times in Kuwait Times (‘Half Kuwaiti?’ ARS), Twisted Vine Literary Journal, JHHF Review, Perhappened Literary Magazine, The Mark Literary Review, etc. Anthony has 1 published chapbook entitled ‘The Great Northern Journey’. Aside from writing, Anthony is an avid polyglot who loves to learn new languages. Follow them on Twitter/Instagram: @anthony64120

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