100-word Film Review: IT 2/Rocketman

Aside from the fact that no man should have so much direct input into his own biopic, the main difference between Rocketman and IT 2 was in the tone, not the message. While Elton John’s inner child got a hug, Stephen King’s chosen one/self-insert character got his closure by shooting his imagined child-self in the face. Functionally, however, fictional Elton John and a child who first emerged, Athena-like, from Stephen King’s cocaine haze in 1986 agree: the only way to make like Kylo Ren and kill the past is to look it in the eye first.

Sidney Dritz (@sidneydritz) is currently reevaluating what to do with the rest of her life, which makes the angle to take in bios tricky. She finished her three-college tour of America at the University of Southern Maine, and her poetry has appeared in Glass Poetry Press’s #PoetsResist series, in Claw & Blossom, and in Measure for Measure: An Anthology of Poetic Meters.  

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